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Basic Diagnostic Services    
Instructional Units | Basic Diagnostic Services
Curriculum Map for: Basic Diagnostic Services
CTAE Foundation Skills
Substitute Teacher / Emergency Unit Plans
General Resources
Course Number: 25.56500
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Unit 1
Academic Standards
Instructional Materials, Notes, etc.
Laboratory Safety HS-BDS-1 ELA10LSV1
18 Hours Blood Bourne Pathogen WebQuest Activity Worksheet
Blood Bourne Pathogen WebQuest Answer Key
Clinical Safety And Laboratory Practice Task Handout
Clinical Safety And Laboratory Task Rubric
Clinical Safety Map Example 1
Clinical Safety Map Example 2
Clinical Safety Map Example 3
Clinical Safety Map Example 4
Interpreting Materials Safety Data Sheets PowerPoint
Laboratory Safety Unit Pre Test
Laboratory Safety Unit Pre Test Answer Key
Laboratory Safety Vocabulary Teacher's Notes
Measurements, Conversions and Calculations PowerPoint
Metric Measurements Discussion Questions
Metric Mystery Activity Handout
MSDS Example Handout
Personal Protective Equipment PowerPoint
Personal Protective Equipment Instructional Handout
Safety And Laboratory Hazards PowerPoint
SI Unite Acitvity Handout
Universal Precautions And OSHA PowerPoint

Unit 2
Academic Standards
Instructional Materials, Notes, etc.
Basic Mircobiology HS-BDS-2 TBA 22.5 Hours  
Unit 3
Academic Standards
Instructional Materials, Notes, etc.
Basic Chemistry HS-BDS-3


20 Hours Density Lab Activity Handout
Glassware Pictures Handout
Pipetman SOP Handout
Titration Procedure Handout
Understanding Blood Gasses Info Sheet
Understanding PH Handout
Understanding Specific Gravity Activity
Vocabulary Crossword Clues
Vocabulary Crossword Key
Promega Buffer Lab Handout
Vocabulary Crossword Grid
Vocabulary Crossword Grid Key

Unit 4
Academic Standards
Instructional Materials, Notes, etc.
Quality Control HS-BDS-4 TBA 12.5 Hours


Unit 5
Academic Standards
Instructional Materials, Notes, etc.
Career Exploration HS-BDS-5 ELA10LSV2 13 Hour Diagnostic Services Career Definitions Handout
Diagnostic Services Career Research Project Rubric
Diagnostic Services Compare And Contrast Organizer
Diagnostic Services Oral Presentation Rubric
Diagnostic Services Project Presentations Handout
Diagnostic Services Project Visual Handout
Diagnostic Services Tools And Equipment Handout
Diagnostic Services Work Locations Worksheet
HOSA Events Worksheet
Diagnostic Services Careers PowerPoint
Diagnostic Services Tools And Equipment PowerPoint
HOSA PowerPoint
Unit 6
Academic Standards
Instructional Materials, Notes, etc.
Healthcare Science Portfolio HS-BDS-6


16 Hours

After Conference Student Checklist Handout
CoverLetter Cut And Paste Handout
CoverLetter Format Handout
CoverLetter Handout
Experiences And Activities Instructions Handout
How You See Yourself Instructions Handout
Looking Ahead Instructions Handout
Plan Of Study Instructions Handout
Postsecondary Planning Instructions Handout
Resume Handout
Guide To A Perfect CoverLetter Handout
Guide To A Perfect Resume Handout
Health Science Peer Review Checklist Worksheet
Health Science Portfolio Requirements Handout
Introduction Letter Cut And Paste Handout
Introduction Letter Format Handout
Portfolio Vocabulary Student Guide Worksheet
Portfolio Vocabulary Teachers Guide
PreConference Student Checklist Handout
Words To Use On A Resume Handout
Resumes And Cover Letters PowerPoint
Healthcare Careers PowerPoint
My Portfolio Requirements PowerPoint

CTAE Foundation Skills

CTAE Foundation skills are an integral part of each of the GPS standards. These units are intended to supplement teaching of the foundational skills. The teacher should select units and lessons for the foundation skills that most closely match the program area, grade level, and needs of the students.