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The CTAE Instructional Resources materials are the result of a team effort. Georgia CTAE teachers, Georgia Department of Education personnel and the CTAE Resource Network Board of Directors and personnel contributed to the development and distribution of the materials.

A special thank you is expressed to the many Career, Technical, and Agricultural Teachers who contributed lesson and unit plans and resource materials for the DVD. These teachers are recognized on the unit plans in the Author(s) section. A core team of teachers for each pathway outlined and developed much of the curriculum. Core teams were:

Phase III-A
Administrative Support Biotechnology Broadcast/Video Production
Misty Freeman, Team Leader
Sarah Heath, DOE
Tanya Morgan
Michele Nichols
Christy Norris
Dawn Squires
Phyllis Dumas, Team Leader
Debbie Grimes
Amanda Latimer
Candice Little
James Dinsmoor (not pictured)
Earl Gray, Team Leader
Adam Logan (not pictured)
Brenda Neely
Linda Yunker
Computer Networking Consumer Services Graphic Communications & Design
Doug Arnold
Emil Decker (not pictured)
Sarah Heath, DOE
Tim Keyser, Team Leader
Andrea LeShea (not pictured)
Laura Ergle, DOE
Helen Hawver (not pictured)
Samantha Henderson
Margaret Manns Jones
Doris Reins
Micah Rooke (not pictured)
Carmen Tarbush (not pictured)
Kindra Watters
Alicia Baynes
Dan Campagna
Amy Hicks
Hillari Knight
Cheryl Rees, Team Leader
Michael Simmons
Interior Design Law & Justice Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Margie Chatelain
Debi Craft, Team Leader
Laura Ergle, DOE
Helen Hawver
Zandra Overstreet
Micah Rooke

Richard Parham
John Reagan
Karmel Tanner
Tom Washburn, Team Leader
Krystin Glover
Meghan Hatcher
Stacey Orr
Memory Reed, Team Leader
Linda Smith, DOE
Middle School
Agricultural Education Business & Computer Science Career Development
Todd Dobson
David Turner
Nita McLeod
Melissa Moulton
Rhonda Stone
Racine Dorsey
Ruby Ann Sawyer
Debra Sutton
Keri Beth Tidmore
Randall Brown
Barbara Mackessy
Dawn Wood

Engineering & Technology Family & Consumer Sciences Healthcare Science
Ron Barker, GA DOE
Pamela Brown
Sony Gala
Roland Williams
Kathy Gingras
Shirley Perry
Nicole Ruge
Pat Thrash
Jodi Braswell
Vickie Kirkley
Melissa Redding
Beverly Tippens
Phase II-A
Accounting Architectural Drawing & Design Construction
Lisa Collins
Gail Sams
Marilynn Skinner, Team Leader
Martha Widner
Elizabeth Williams
Connie Highnote
Elizabeth Pharr, Team Leader
Carole Kersey Ray
Daniel Bohmer
Steve Potts
Baker Pulliam
Jim Steel
William K. Ward, Team Leader
Early Childhood Education Manufacturing Marketing Communications & Promotion/Fashion Marketing
LaDonna Bartmas
Amy Bergman
Landis Hicks, Team Leader
Diann Powers
Emil Decker
Jodie Marshall
Steve Price, Team Leader
Angela Quarles
Christie Schmitt
Donald Dunlap
Meghan Hatcher
Rachael McClain
Stacey Orr
Memory Reed, Team Leader
Medical Services/Emergency Services Plant Science &Horticulture Teaching as a Profession

Phyllis R. Dumas, Team Leader
Mark Elsey
Susan J. Jarrett
Alicia McCracken
Karin Melvin
Pat Rape
Pat Rutherford
Jama Willbanks
Argene Claxton
Donald Gilman
Anne Smith
Rhonda Stone
John Sutton
David Turner, Team Leader
Celeste Cannon
Teressa Channell
Sarah Klimek
Susan Mullins
Karen Rutter, Team Leader
Phase I
Computer Science
Jason Naile, Team Leader
Jennifer Gillespie
Phyllis R. Dumas, Team Leader
Johnnie Sue Moore
Matthew Flanders
Sandra Cook
Charles Kachmar
Rhonda Dunn
Marketing and Management
Glenn Morris
Tiffany Lacey
Krystin Glover
Cameron Smith
Laura Mesmer
Meghan Hatcher
Pat Rutherford
Rachael McClain
Small Business Development
Kellie Seawright
Memory Reed
David Mowery, Team Leader
Libbye Sills

Sarah Heath, DOE
Delores Smith
Jessica Rich
Janice Tallant
Sonny J. Reeves

In addition to teachers who contributed to the curriculum, a number of students from the University of Georgia and other schools served to help design, organize, and edit the materials. These students and others worked with Dr. Frank B. Flanders, CTAE Resource Network Instructional Resources Director, in the Resource Network Instructional Resources office. Dr. Martha Staples performed invaluable service reviewing units for the Phase III-A project.

2007-2008 Student Workers
2008-2009 Student Workers
2009-2010 Student Workers
Daniel Brettschneider
Caleb Allred
Caleb Allred, Psychology
Kayla Calhoun
Daniel Brettschneider
Christy Bryan, Agribusiness
Meghan Cline
Christy Bryan
Cate Buchanan, Agricultural Education
Whitney Kizer
Kayla Calhoun
Kayla Calhoun, Environmental Economics and Management
Brittany Norman
Elise Embrick
Sarah Jean Dover, Agricultural Communication
Mark Smith
Randy Glance
Dallas Duncan, Agricultural Communication, Animal Science
Whitney Kizer
Benjamin Edwards, English
Shannon R. Lawrence
Alyssa Elrod, Chemistry
Philip Ledford
Laura Glantzberg, Agricultural Communication
Juliane Monko
Olivia Gragg, Healthcare, Athens Technical College
Brittany Norman
Melody Hein, Healthcare, Athens Technical College
Tapan Patwardhan
Ashley Hopkins, Marketing Education
Alyson Pittman
Jessie Kuzy, Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech
Mark Smith
Aaron McCoy, Engineering
Amanda Stephens
Shannon R. Lawrence, Agricultural Education
Amanda Supratanapongse
Juliane Monko, Public Health, Medical College of Georgia
Rachel Winstead
Brittany Norman, Art, Computer Science, and Engineering
Mark Smith, Agricultural Communication
Melissa Snyder, Agricultural Education
Amanda Stephens, Agricultural Education
Cynthia Thomas, Math Education

Instructional Resources Office - Team Photo - June, 2010