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About the CTAERN    
About the CTAERN
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About the CTAERN

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The CTAE Resource Network
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The CTAE Resource Network is a statewide organization supporting and representing CTAE initiatives in local school systems through professional learning, instructional resources, and assessment. As a non-profit organization, established under the laws of Georgia in 2002, CTAERN provides Career, Technical and Agricultural educators (CTAE) in middle schools and high schools with professional learning activities, instructional support for learning activities, and assessment support for measuring learning achievement. All activities and services promote the improvement of CTAEprograms statewide in meeting state adjusted levels of performance accountability. Operating as a consortium, the CTAE Resource Network’s member systems pay fees for annual membership in their jointly-owned organization. The membership, open to all school systems in Georgia, gives systems the option to “join or not join.” For the past ten years, all systems have elected to join the consortium.

The CTAE Resource Network will be the model for providing local systems with the educational resources to prepare tomorrow’s competitive workforce.

The CTAE Resource Network shall ensure that all CTAE programs at the secondary level have the resources to meet the levels of accountability performance measures established by state and federal guidelines.

The CTAE Resource Network focuses on current research-based exemplary practices found in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and organization that have the greatest opportunity for all students to understand essential concepts and to apply those understanding to authentic tasks. All programs developed by CTAERN reflect planning and delivery methods of best practices.