Wheel and Tire Diagnosis and Repair Vocabulary Crossword


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3. A bearing which uses straight, non-tapered rollers in its construction.
6. A bearing consisting an inner and outer hardened steel race separated by a series of hardened steel balls.
9. Threaded bolts or studs that are press-fit into an axle, hub, or brake rotor and accept lug nuts to mount wheels.
10. Condition when the weight mass is in the same plane as the centerline of the wheel.
11. Condition where a tire’s weight mass is evenly distributed around the axis of rotation. If the wheel is raised from the floor and spun several times, it should always stop in a different place.


1. A series of numbers and letter that designate how a particular tire will perform under different conditions.
2. Ball or roller bearing assemblies that reduce friction and support the wheels and axles as they rotate.
4. A bearing that utilizes a series of tapered steel rollers that operate between an outer and inner race.
5. The means of adding air to the tire and wheel assembly.
7. Large steel nuts used to hold a wheel to the axle hub.
8. The assembly on which the tire is mounted