Bacteria, Fungi, and Decomposition Crossword


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        19     20                      
          21              22           


3. A prokaryotic or single celled microorganism.
4. A fungus that grows on various kinds of damp or decaying organic matter.
5. Non-living matter.
6. A substance used in pest control.
8. Organisms that have a cell nucleus.
11. A eukaryotic or multi celled microorganism.
12. A bacteria that is used to cure different types of infections often called the "mircale drug".
14. Organisms that lack a cell nucleus.
18. Often made from fungus or bacterias that are given to help fight off bacterial infections.
19. A drug sometimes made from fungus or bacteria that is used in prevention of a future infection or disease.
21. An organisms to small from the human eye to see.
23. A fungus used in baking.


1. A food product that is made with a bacteria that has a distinct odor.
2. An illness causing bacteria.
7. The process by which dead tissue is broken down into simpler matter.
9. Refers to the body parts of bacteria.
10. A chemical substances that a living organism needs to live and grow.
13. A benefitial bacteria in the lower intestines of humans and warm blooded animals.
15. Actual living matter.
16. A profession which requires extensive knowledge of decomposition.
17. Bateria that does not cause illness.
20. A profession that sometimes uses a bacteria in cooking.
22. A spore bearing fungus in which some types are edible.